The_EchoHere we have another article that was in the was in our Local Echo this year regarding under-insured home insurance policies.
People aren’t aware that if they take insurance that only covers say 50 per cent of the value of their house, then all claims they subsequent make all claims they subsequent make will only receive a 50 per cent payout, even if the amount is under the value insured.

The_Echo_Art had one client with a house valued at €304,000 took insurance valued at €150,000 with a particular insurance company for a cheaper premium. The couple believed that any claim under €150,000 would be covered but after water damage occurred in the house requiring almost €5,300 of work the insurance company were only willing to pay them €2,614 ( after excess is deducted ) because they only got 50 per cent cover.
Insurance companies are not educating people on their premiums. But when homeowners go to make a claim, then the insurance companies will educate them.