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Emergency Plumbers

Due to the nature of our Emergency Plumbers business the vast majority of calls we receive involve leaks. In some cases they may be simple leaks where no real damage has happened to the property. In most of the cases we deal with, the issue may be that a pipe has burst under a floor or behind a wall, an escape of water from the shower trap or sink. These instances can cause a lot of damage to a clients’ property, the ceilings walls and floors will more then likely suffer damage.

In these instances there is usually a claim that follows due to the extent of the damage. Either way, regardless of the type of leak or the amount of damage caused our Emergency plumbing services are ready to help you with leak detection and repairs. All our plumbers are fully insured and carry the RGI qualification meaning that they meet the current regulations to issue certification for gas appliances and all pipe work. If you need professional tradesmen to help with leak detection or leak repairs call Insuranceworks.ie on the number above today.

Emergency Plumbers – Boiler Repairs


Our plumbers provide a first class and wholly professional boiler repair service for the whole of the Dublin region. Insuranceworks.ie recommends along with your boiler manufacture that you service your boiler at least once a year by a fully insured, fully qualified boiler engineer. This will ensure safety and prolong the lifespan of your boiler, also meaning your bills will be lower throughout the year. Insuranceworks.ie has RGI registered plumbers at the ready to provide service of the highest quality. It is the law that all types of boiler repairs, Plumbing services or replacements are carried out only by RGI registered plumbers.

If you need a boiler repaired serviced or replaced call Insuranceworks.ie today and we will have a plumber with you as soon as possible. Our fully trained team of Emergency plumbers are capable of servicing and repairing all makes and models of boilers, be sure to give our friendly customer care team a call and they will assist you in everything that you may need. You may need your boiler repaired at any time of the year, especially during bad weather, if you need a repair, service or replacement call Insuranceworks.ie immediately. Never try to perform any kind or service or repair to a boiler no matter how confident you may feel at performing this potentially critical operation.

24 Hour Burst Pipe Repairs


Burst pipes can do an untold amount of damage to your property; a burst pipe in the attic could just about destroy everything in your house, from the flooring and furniture to the paint work and wallpaper. If you think you may have a leak or a burst pipe call our Emergency Plumbing services at Insuranceworks.ie immediately.

We have plumbers on call 24 hours a day for all emergency Plumbing situations. Burst pipes can some times go unnoticed for a period of time and if the burst pipe happens to be a feed pipe it can be very stressful to say the least. With a feed pipe leaking there could be no end to the volume of water released inside your house. During the winter months, pipes can become frozen, so it is important you remain vigilant during these months. If you are concerned about a possible leak or see water somewhere you think that it shouldn’t be call our Emergency Plumbing Services on the number above.