Loss Assessors

Loss Assessors

Insuranceworks.ie knows how stressful it is to have suffered damage to your property, be it storm, water or burglary damage. We at Insuranceworks.ie take a very client friendly and simplistic approach to help our clients get from the point of loss/damage to full reinstatement of their property, therefore removing the stress and hassle that the process entails.

All our loss assessors at Insuranceworks.ie are fully regulated by the central bank of Ireland. We have found that when dealing with claims at properties, the biggest mistake that an insurance policy holder can make is that, they do not know what loss assessors are for and what they do. Therefore they do not obtain the services of one. Please take the time to read the following paragraphs and you will find yourself more knowledgeable before you even commence the claim process.

What are Loss Assessors – Who do They Work For?

Loss assessors are qualified professionals who are regulated by the central bank of Ireland, who represent the public in dealing with claims against their insurance company. Loss assessors are known as PLA’s (public loss assessors). The difference between a loss assessor and a loss adjuster is that a loss assessor (PLA) acts on behalf of the policyholder, normally a member of the public, whereas a loss adjuster acts for the insurance company.

It is not recommended that a policy holder does not try to represent themselves against an insurance company and lost adjusters, but to call in the professional at Insuranceworks.ie to represent you and put forward your case. In the vast majority of cases where a client has not engaged the services of a loss assessor it has been found that the client did not receive their full entitlement on a claim, this shortfall has not been noticed until after the clients claim has been settled and left the client with no recourse. In short if loss adjusters paid out the full entitlement to the policyholder each time, there would be no need for loss assessors in the first instance.

What is Claim Handling – Who is a Claim Handler?

Members of the public do on occasion mistake loss assessors as a claim handler, part of the job for a loss assessor does involve handling the claim but in this industry they are known as loss assessors and the work they do is known as loss assessment. Within the insurance company, when the claim is logged, there is normally a person appointed to deal with the claim and liaise with the loss adjusters and loss assessors. These people are generally known as the claim handlers.

Loss Adjusters

What are Loss Adjusters – Who do They Work For?

Loss Adjusters

In the event of a claim the insurance company will appoint a loss adjuster to represent their interest as far as settling the claim is concerned. A loss adjuster is hired by the insurance companies, paid by the insurance, therefore are obviously looking out for the best interests of the insurance company and trying to get the best result possible for the insurance companies.

Basically loss adjusters act for the insurance company and loss assessors act for the client or policyholder, members of the public. Loss adjusters are trained professionals who are employed by insurance companies to save them money. Loss adjusters are similar to loss assessors, only difference being loss adjusters are employed and paid for by the insurance companies. It is said loss adjusters are independent, neutral and unbiased in their settling of insurance claims, however this is completely untrue and Insuranceworks.ie strongly urge members of the public never deal with a loss adjuster directly and always engage the services of a professional who can represent them in their dealings with any insurance company. How can a loss adjuster be completely impartial if he is being paid by an insurance company.

If nobody in the country sided with the company or person who was employing them to do a particular job then there would be anarchy and no such thing as an economy. If loss adjusters were impartial and paid all claims as they should be paid, we would be in a situation whereby loss assessors would not be required to be involved in claims. In Ireland the 3 main loss adjustment companies are Thornton & Partners, Cunningham Lindsay and OSG. There are a number of smaller firms operating in this field but in most instances it is generally one these that would be appointed to represent an insurance company.

Insuranceworks.ie are public loss assessors and if you need assistance making a claim please feel free to pick up the phone and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

All Loss Assessment service for InsuranceWorks.ie are carried out by Joe Doyle Loss Assessor.
Joe Doyle Loss Assessor is regulated by the central bank of Ireland for Insurance mediation services.
Authorisation Number C139552