Roof Repairs

Roof Surveys & Reports

At our trained roofing repair specialists carry out roof surveys and reports to determine the full extent of the damage to your roof. Depending on what was the cause of the damage to your roof you may not need to pay a cent to have your roof repairs done. Insurance companies will only pay out in certain cases when it comes to storm damage, with the winds having to be over certain knots per hour. The reports outline whether you can claim through your insurance and if you need roofing repairs or possibly a full rebuild.

Flat Roofing Repair Services

Flat Roofing Repairs

Claims made for flat roofing repairs can be troublesome to say the least. Unless there has been sufficient storm damage to the flat roof, mainly you would be looking at a tile falling from the main roof and puncturing the felt. If this doesn’t appear to be the problem then it’s likely the issue is down to wear and tear or lack of maintenance, both of these roof repairs insurance policies do not cover. recommends, taking all of the above into consideration, that you have your roof inspected by a qualified roofing specialist. can then advise you if the roof repairs you are going to be getting carried are covered under your insurance policy. If your insurance policy fails to cover the necessary roof repairs will still provide you with a quotation. To speak to us about flat roof repairs call the number today.

Roof Felt Repairs

Roof Felt Repairs

The most common type of roof used in Ireland for extensions and sheds is torch on felt roof. The lifespan of these roofs is significantly shorter than that of tiled or slated pitch roofs, a lot of people are not too aware of this. Once the roof has reached the end of its lifetime it is futile attempting to prolong its lifespan any longer. The roof could well undergo roofing repairs and be patched up but when the timber structure has been damaged beyond repair you should consider getting a new roof. If your roof only needs minor felt roofing repairs then our roofing specialist will advise against a full rebuild. This is a great quick fix option to prevent any leak damage to your home or sheds interior.

We have an experienced team of builder and roofers at hand for all necessary works and Roof Repairs, from minor felt roof repairs to full rebuilds of the roof. All staff and tradesmen of are fully trained, qualified and hold public liability insurance and work to the highest standard.